Dance Party Perfection

This "Frozen" themed party resulted in the perfect pictures to communicate an Attitude Dance Party! Starting off with fun and engaging movements, we settle in for story time before dressing up. With the story in mind, we incorporate theme-appropriate props and music to become the character and tell our own story through dance. As the last pictures shows, you can probably anticipate some quiet time once the festivities conclude.


Happy 6th Birthday with a "Disney" theme!

...the dress-up costumes and the gift bags were absolutely unique, beautiful, and hand-made, and the song list pleased every kid at the party. The girls loved their blue tutus, and the boys - their Prince Charming costumes. When I was booking the program, I was a bit concerned about how the little boys would react to a Cinderella-themed dance program, but they were all thoroughly engaged and enjoyed every single activity (all of which were surprisingly gender-neutral).
— Karolina Jekal (Birthday girl's Mommy)

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